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Non-GMO shopping is available now! Why wait five years for Whole Foods?

If you keep up with news about the non-GMO battle, you’ve probably heard about the recent announcement by Whole foods that they will be requiring their vendors to provide GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) labeling…


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in five years.  Controversy about Whole Foods’ CEO John Mackey aside, the company is an industry leader in the natural products realm.  No matter the criticism thrown at them, they have helped organic and natural products move more into the mainstream.  We waited for them to take a stand during the recent Proposition 37 (Mandatory Labeling of Genetically Engineered Food – 2012) struggle in California and they did nothing.  We may lament that the money they could have donated toward the cause could have put the measure over the top in Yes votes.  We may think that five years is too long to wait and that this pronouncement is meaningless because (we hope) in five years, GMO’s will be mandated to be labeled anyway.  But what they did do is raise the non-GMO conversation and that is a good thing.

We at shopOrganic & shopGMOfree took a stand last year during the Prop37 battle.  We decided to scour our website for products that might contain GMO’s and remove them from our site.  You can now shop for non-GMO products,  food and non-food, in one place without worrying about GMO’s.  We scanned the list of donors that  opposed Prop37 and removed any vendors from our site whose parent companies donated money to defeat it.  If that meant removing some of our better selling products, so be it.  As a company we wanted to take a stand and vote with our dollars to support companies that are already doing the right thing.

Here in the U.S., money talks.  In terms of food issues and access to non-GMO products, consumers have more power at their grocery stores than they do at the ballot box.  When we collectively decide to buy organic and non-GMO food instead of GMO’s, we send a strong message to manufacturers that we don’t want them in our foods.  And when the market shrinks for GMO laden foods, the market will respond by removing them.  It happened with rBST, it can happen with GMO’s.  In the meantime we’ll continue to support the companies we have trust in, we’ll continue to support our local organic farmers, and we’ll continue to spread the message about the dangers of GMO’s.   In five years we hope to look back at the demise of the GMO industry with joy, knowing we made a difference.



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