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Our Top Ten Organic Brands

This week, I want to highlight our top ten organic brands. This is not a sales-related ranking (though these organic brands all sell well), but more a ranking based on the company’s quality, commitment to organic production and organic ingredients, and alignment with our company values: helping to create a healthier planet through a commitment to sustainable practices.

Our top ten organic brands appear in alphabetical order because they’re all #1 on our list.

These companies embrace organic farming methods through using certified organic, sustainable and fair trade ingredients in their products; they support preventing the spread of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and support labeling GMOs; and, they value their relationships with their customers, their employees, their communities and their own families.  We think these traits make a “top organic brand” and we think you’ll agree.

1. Alter Eco

Top Organic BrandsFirst in our top ten organic brands is Alter Eco. Alter Eco promotes a form of global commerce where priority is given to working with marginalized farmers to build trade relations based on solidarity and sustainability. This approach ensures them fair remuneration that covers the full cost of production, promoting the respect of persons and of their environment. Alter Eco embraces Fair Trade values and aspires to connect consumers and producers. Among our core values are transparency, solidarity, fairness, and dedication to quality. Visit shopOrganic & shopGMOfree for Alter Eco Fair Trade products. From fair trade chocolate to several varieties of quinoa to jasmine rice and more, Alter Eco at brings you the best in fair trade products.


2. Bionaturae

Top Organic BrandsNext on our top ten organic brands list is Bionaturae. If you’re a pasta connoisseur, you must try Bionaturae organic pasta. It’s the next best thing to making it yourself (and if you’ve ever tried to make pasta,  you know it’s an art form. Imported from Tuscany, Italy, bionaturæ® organic semolina pastas are redefining the pasta category in the United States and intend to bring pasta back to its more flavorful and authentic Old World traditions.

Organic durum wheat is grown in Italy on small family-owned farms that have been using traditional agricultural methods for centuries. All ingredients are certified organic and are grown and processed without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. Bionaturae makes traditional organic pasta (and gluten free varieties as well) like rigatoni, penne and spaghetti (among many others) as well as organic nectars (peach, pear, bilberry, apricot) as well as tomato products (paste, sauce, etc.) and more. Browse Bionaturae products at shopOrganic & shopGMOfree today.

3. Edward & Sons

Top Organic BrandsAlso on our top ten organic brands is Edward & Sons. What we love about Edward & Sons is they look for little gaps in the organic market and they fill them with unique, delicious and high quality products. They’ve been in business since 1978 and they’re still around because of their unique and diverse product offerings. Edward & Sons makes delicious organic brown rice snaps and organic panko breadcrumbs perfect for all your breading needs.

Native Forest offers organic hearts of palm, a completely renewable resource that actually nurtures the rainforest. How great is that? Native Forest also offers unique products you won’t find anywhere else. Browse Native Forest products like organic mangosteen or organic rambutan as well as more familiar products like organic pineapple, organic mango and organic papaya at shopOrganic & shopGMOfree today.

The last of the Edward’s & Sons brands is Let’s Do . . . Organic, a line of certified organic confections and fun snacks. Once again, Edward’s & Sons has found another niche market that was underserved (non-existent!) in the organic space and their line of organic confections is a great addition. Browse Let’s Do…Organic products at shopOrganic & shopGMOfree from carnival sprinkles to sugar cones and more.

4. Frontier Natural Products Co-op

Top Organic BrandsNo top ten organic brands list is complete without Frontier Co-Op. They began with two people operating out of a cabin along the Cedar River in Iowa back in 1976. Since that time, the company has expanded to offer a top-notch line of organic herbs, spices, seasonings, flavorings and aromatherapy products.  They have continued to expand and were at the forefront of organic certification before the USDA National Organic Program was instituted. From single organic spices to organic blends and seasonings, Frontier products are trusted and certified organic. From tried and true ( organic sea salt, minced onion, organic dried cilantro, parsley, dill, herbs, teas and more ) to more exotic blends (organic harissa, balti curry, Ras El Hanout, Tagine, Vindaloo and more), you can confidently spice up your life with organic Frontier products at shopOrganic & shopGMOfree today.


5. Greenshield

Top Organic BrandsOur top ten organic brands list’s first organic cleaning products company – You eat organic food, you use organic body care products, but what about cleaning and greening your household? A welcome entrant to the household cleaning products category is GreenShield. Organic products for every aspect of household cleaning, these products are safe, effective and organic. How great is that? While you may not enjoy cleaning your house, these products will at least give you the satisfaction that you’re keeping your living space free from harmful chemicals. Browse GreenShield Organic products including organic auto dishwasher detergent, organic bathroom spray cleaner, organic window cleaner, organic laundry detergent and more at shopOrganic & shopGMOfree today.


6. Jovial

Top Organic BrandsJovial is another organic brand on our top ten organic brands list, like Bionaturae, also from the hills of Tuscany, Italy. Their products are made from organic einkorn, an ancient grain (a wheat variety said to be tolerated by some with gluten sensitivities) and other grains. Their artisanal products and superb craftsmanship means each product is developed with care and manufactured in small batches to deliver high quality organic products. Choose Jovial einkorn or gluten free cookies – no too sweet, perfect for everyday munching – and einkorn or brown rice (gluten free) pastas.



7. Nature’s Path

Top Organic BrandsNo top ten organics product list would be complete without Nature’s Path.  A lot of natural and organic brands from the 1970’s and 1980’s, out of sheer economic necessity, ended up being sold to large, multinational conglomerates with questionable commitment to organics. Nature’s Path has not only held their own in this market but has thrived and, to this day, remains privately held. Their entire product line is certified organic and their commitment to the organic industry and sustainability could not be more evident. We love Nature’s Path products and want to make sure you know about this ‘quiet giant’. From organic breakfast cereals to granolas, organic toaster pastries to organic superfood cereals to organic granola bars and more, these convenient, organic products are made by a company with a long-standing commitment to organics. Give Nature’s Path a try today at shopOrganic & shopGMOfree .

8. Newman’s Own Organics

Top Organic BrandsAlso making our top ten organic brands list – Newman’s Own. Paul Newman forged new ground in many ways during his acting career. With his daughter, Nel, he founded Newman’s Own Organics, yet another ground breaking achievement. This company not only provides a wide range of highly popular products from cookies to popcorn and pretzels to pet food and more, but they donate profits to charity. Doing well by doing good, now that’s what we’re talking about.  Newman’s Own has this to say – “Great tasting food that happens to be organic.’ (That’s what we kept in mind when we created our products.) We focus on the kinds of products we loved as kids, but take them one step further by using the highest quality of available organic ingredients.” We couldn’t agree more!

Browse our selection of Newman’s Own Organics products at shopOrganic & shopGMOfree today.

9. Nourish

Top Organic BrandsOur top ten organic brands list’s organic body care company – Nourish. It’s not often you can find an organic body care line that’s committed to sustainability, but that’s what Nourish is all about. Founded over a decade ago, before organic body care products were even on the radar,  the folks at Nourish were concerned by the hazardous chemicals used in existing beauty products and the lack of regulations in the personal care industry.

Nourish was the first beauty products company to ever work with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to create a collection of products so pure they could be certified organic under the same strict standards the government uses to certify food. In 2003, they launched Nourish, the world’s first USDA-certified organic skincare collection. In 2012, they re-introduced the Nourish brand with an even more exciting line up of fabulous USDA certified organic products.

If you’re looking for high quality, affordable organic body care products, visit shopOrganic & shopGMOfree for these outstanding Nourish products. From organic fig hand wash to organic wild berries body lotion to organic unscented body butter and more, Nourish products are sure to please.

10. Rainbow Light

Top Organic BrandsLast but not least on our top ten organic brands list – Rainbow Light. Their mission is to make a difference in the health of people, pets and planet. For nearly 30 years, they have delivered measurable, sustainable health benefits that create a difference you can feel by adhering to key principles of business including creating bio-balanced products, participating in global aid programs and employing sustainable business practices to promote planetary wellness. Rainbow Light’s products are made of the highest quality ingredients and they have been a pioneer in using organic ingredients in their health & wellness products. For high quality bio-balanced vitamins & supplements, visit shopOrganic & shopGMOfree to browse and buy Rainbow Light products.


What are your favorite organic brands and why? Tell us in the comments; we’d love to know!

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