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Thoughts on Turning Two – shopOrganic Celebrates Two Year Anniversary

This week, we celebrate your two year anniversary. What an eventful two years its been. In early 2008, when our plans for launching this business and the website were forming, we had no idea that the economy was about to fall out from beneath our feet. We had high hopes and when we clicked the button to publish the site and make it live that evening on May 8, 2008, we thought great things were about to happen. And we were right…sort of ….

We had strong sales at first, but as the economic cloud get getting bigger and darker, we grew concerned that our sales wouldn’t grow fast enough and that our start up cash would run out before we hit our stride.

We have continued to do what we do best – find the highest quality, most unique and wonderful organic, fair trade and eco-friendly products available; offer them on our easy-to-use website and provide THE best customer service anywhere on the planet. It’s a simple but powerful combination and judging from our repeat customers, we know it’s a winning formula.

As we look back, we recognize the long hours, the hard work and the stress we endured to create this company. As we look forward, we see a bright horizon and wonderful opportunities awaiting us. We have big, BIG plans for the future and we’re confident we’ll be able to create this new future with a bit of help from our loyal customers, new customers and maybe an angel investor or two….

For now, we continue to wake up every day thankful that we do what we love and make a difference in people’s lives. We would love to hear your comments and thoughts about our two year anniversary – feel free to comment here or visit shopOrganic and submit comments through our online form.

Thanks to everyone who made the first two years possible. We believe that our very survival over this two year period is a huge victory and we appreciate everyone along the way who encouraged, supported, offered us discounts to get us going and most of all our customers who make every day a great day at shopOrganic.

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