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How to Get Your Loved Ones to Switch from Sugar to Stevia


If someone asked me what my favorite health product is I would hands down tell them Stevia.  What is Stevia?  Stevia the natural “sugar” that is not only sweet but healthy is an herb (Stevia rebaudiana) that is much sweeter switching-sugar-for-steviathan sugar, but almost calorie-free. It does not cause the after-eating spike in blood sugar that aggravates diabetes, like sugar and high fructose corn syrup, and my favorite part is that Stevia is actually good for you.  Stevia reduces blood sugar and blood pressure, and it boosts immune function, making it safer than other artificial sweeteners.  Here’s how I got my family to switch from sugar to Stevia:

I became interested in making the switch to Stevia quite a few years ago.  My children and I made the switch right away with no reservations (it’s pretty easy to get children under eight on board when you’re making chocolate cake with Stevia or cookies), my husband, eh not so much.  He liked sugar in his coffee, and he wasn’t about to change a habit he’d perfected over the last decade or so.  So, he continued to use sugar in his 2 cups of coffee a day each cup with 4 teaspoons of sugar.  Now that may not seem like a lot to you, so to give you a quick look at how many calories that equals a year:

1 tsp sugar = 15 calories

My Husband used 8 tsp. in is coffee a day which = 120 calories

6 days a week = 720 calories

A month = 2,880 calories

A year = 34,560

When you start looking at the bigger picture that is a lot of calories!

Do you know how many calories are in 1 pound? 3,500 calories are equal to one pound, and so my husband was gaining an average of 10 pounds a year just by scooping that sugar into his coffee cup. I wanted to tell him how bad it was for him, I wanted to show him the math, and I did, but it would be a decision he’d have to eventually come to on his own.  All I could do was keep making delicious treats with Stevia and eventually he’d see the light right?  Well a couple years went by and he still wasn’t interested in making the change, and then something miraculous happened about 4 months ago.  I woke up one morning to my husband asking me where I kept “that Stevia stuff”.

I can’t tell you how my eyes lit up with pure amazement.  He began to tell me that he had run out of sugar and he needed something sweet for his coffee that morning.   I ran to the refrigerator and pulled out my Sweetleaf liquid then ran to the cupboard and pulled out the powdered jar and let him choose.  He chose the powdered, because the scooping action made him feel like he wasn’t missing out on his sugar.   I was pretty tense as he went to take his first sip, but I felt so relieved when he said, “this stuff ain’t too bad!”   He has now been sugar free for 4 months and as an added bonus he has lost 12 pounds and says he feels like he has more energy too!

If you want to make a healthy switch in your family, sugar is a good place to start. The brand of Stevia I’m most faithful to is Sweetleaf.   Out of all the brands I have tried, Sweetleaf has never failed my family’s taste buds.  The switch doesn’t always happen right away for every member in the family; the best thing you can do in those situations is stay consistent with your own diet and offer people healthy alternatives whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Making the switch to Stevia will be one of the best things you can do for you and your family’s health!

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