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Favorite New Organic Foods

I’m always on the lookout for new organic foods, I have been for years.  It excites me when a product that hasn’t ever been available organic suddenly comes to market.  One of the things I like best about being in this industry is being able to identify new organic foods quickly and making them available right away.  Since I’ve got my ear to the ground for new organic products, I’ll probably write a similar column every couple of months because I just get so excited and I assume you all will be too!  So here’s my list right now:

Six Favorite New Organic Foodsnew organic foods

Othentic Jarred Vegetables – For the longest time I wondered why I couldn’t find organic pickled beets anywhere.  I craved that earthy pickled taste but I didn’t want to eat all those added ingredients that are so often in conventional jarred products – the preservatives, the additives – yuck!  That’s why I was so excited when I discovered Othentic.  Their organic baby pickled beets are incredibly tender and delicious and if you’re a pickled beet fan, I would recommend these in a heartbeat.  Not only does Othentic make organic pickled beets, they have a whole line of fermented vegetable salads and slaws.  Made using traditional recipes and techniques, they are old world style.

new organic foods


Gimme Seaweed Snacks – One of the big snack crazes to hit the market recently is the toasted seaweed snacks.  There’s no denying that they’re incredibly healthy on a lot of levels.  For one, they have nearly no calories.  They also have a perfect crunch and they melt in your mouth as you eat them.  In addition, seaweed provides a range of minerals that we often lack in our diets.  Seaweed also counteracts the possibly detrimental effect of eating too many goitrogenic but otherwise healthy foods like broccoli, cabbage, brussel sprouts and kale.  Too much of those foods in their raw state can mess with thyroid function and we don’t want that.  So if you’re a kale chip fan, why not switch up your snack with seaweed snacks.  While seaweed snacks have been on the market for a while now, this brand makes our list favorite new organic foods because it is one of the few that is actually USDA certified organic.


new organic products

Native Forest Marinated Mushrooms – I have great memories from when I lived in New Jersey of visiting Kennett Square, PA – aka ‘The Mushroom Capital of the World”.  There was this little gift shop, mushroom exhibit and tasting room where I literally could have spent all day sampling different flavors of marinated mushrooms.    Since I’ve been in the organic industry I hadn’t seen anyone make an organic marinated mushroom – until now.  Edward & Sons is sort of famous for finding the holes in the organic market and filling them and they did it again with their Native Forest brand organic marinated mushrooms.  Juicy, flavorful and for me, an instant time machine, I could eat a whole jar in one sitting – no kidding.

new organic products

Good Boy Organics Snacks – This line of new organic products came out just in time for summer picnics and barbecues.  BOPS (Baked Organic Potato Snacks) are the first line of certified organic baked potato chips on the market.  In classic flavors like sour cream and onion, bbq, and cheddar cheese, they make a great alternative for conventional chips.  I was really excited that they also have an organic version of a cheese puff.  Called ‘Organicasaurus‘, they’re shaped like little dinosaurs so they’re really kid friendly and fun.  And did I mention delicious? Yeah. Definitely on my favorite new organic foods list.


new organic products
Curry Love Organic Simmer Sauces
–  Of the new organic foods on my list, this one is actually a new old food.  Curry Love came out a number of years ago, was pulled from the market, reformulated and was reintroduced this year.  If you’ve tried it before and you weren’t blown away, give them another try.  The new formulations are bold, flavorful and have just the right amount of kick.   I’m a big fan of big flavors and these simmer sauces definitely deliver.   We were especially excited to offer these sauces to our customers as an alternative to Seeds of Change simmer sauces.  You may know that last year, shopOrganic removed all products from our site that are made by brands whose parent company donated toward the opposition of GMO labeling.  There weren’t many brands that were in that category because we were already pretty picky about our products.   Seeds of Change, owned by M&M/Mars, was one of them and so even though their products are organic, unique and tasty, we would rather support a small independent business like Curry Love.  We hope you feel the same!


organic hempZiggy Marley Roasted Organic Hemp Seeds – Until I tried these, the only hemp seeds I’d ever eaten were the hulled, soft hemp seeds.  The hulled seeds are incredibly nutritious but I found that unless I made hemp milk out of them, their nutty flavor got lost in whatever dish I’d use them in.  The roasted organic hemp seeds are completely different.  The flavor is stronger and more nutty and the crunch is fantastic – each little seed creates a burst of flavor when you crunch on them.  They are definitely one of my absolute favorite new organic foods.  I love them on salads or straight out of the bag.


That’s my list of favorite new organic foods  – what are yours?

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