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Organic Halloween Candy & Healthy Activities for Kids

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but how some of us celebrate it has changed over the past few years, especially those of us who are trying to keep our kids eating healthy, organic foods.  Making sure your kids are organic-halloween-candyeating healthy doesn’t mean making them stay home on Halloween, but you also don’t have to let them binge eat GMO-packed products each Halloween either.  Whether it’s organic Halloween candy or ‘cash for candy’ programs, there are several different ways you can keep your kids eating healthy this Halloween.  Here are some Tricks and Treats for keeping your kids healthy this Halloween season.

Tricks: Healthy & Fun Halloween Activities for Kids

  1. Create a Haunted House.  The kids can do this with materials you have around the house, and this can keep them busy for hours.  The best part is the kids will have fun putting the haunted house together as well as taking turns going through it and scaring each other.
  2. Halloween Cookie and Cupcake Decorating Contest.  Make a batch of your favorite organic cookies or cupcakes and let the kids use organic frosting to decorate the treat as something scary.
  3. Halloween Pumpkin Massacre.  What do you do with pumpkins the day after Halloween?  Before throwing them in the compost let the kids make a bit of a mess destroying them.  It’s physical, it’s inexpensive, and it’s fun!

Treats: Organic Halloween Candy

  1. Yummy Earth organic Halloween candy has a wide variety of flavors of lollipops and hard candies.  They come in  a variety of flavors in 3 oz. bags or in larger assorted bags and so they’re perfect for opening and handing out handfuls on Halloween.
  2. Surf Sweets organic Halloween candy includes sour candy worms and gummy bears.  These are great candies for trading with your kids. “I’ll give you a handful of sour gummy worms for each of those butterfingers you got last night…”
  3. Ocho organic Halloween candy has several different types of organic chocolate bars.  And who doesn’t love organic chocolate?  From dark chocolate peppermint to mini milk chocolate caramel candy bars, these are the perfect treats for chocolate lovers.

What are some of your favorite healthy activities for kids during Halloween?  Do you have a favorite organic Halloween candy?  Let us know in the comments!

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