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Organic Gifts and Eco-Friendly Activities for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and all moms deserve to enjoy this special day. Mother’s Day is about celebrating the special mothers in your life, whether it be your own mother or your mother in-law, a sister or a close friend who is a mom, celebrating them by giving them an organic gift or participating in an eco-friendly activity allows you to not only make mom happy but the environment and your wallet as well!  And while kids mean well, planning Mother’s Day and buying gifts (especially if it’s an organic gift) isn’t always their forte, so dads and co-moms listen up!

In this blog post we’ve listed some organic gift ideas for Mother’s Day as well as a wide range of eco-friendly and fun activities the whole family will enjoy.

Organic Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day:

Artisana Gift Set: If you’ve got a vegan and/or gluten free momma at home this is a perfect one for you.  I personally would love getting this because it’s one of my favorite organic brands!

Sweet Tooth Basket: Perfect for mommas who get sweet tooths (isn’t that all of us?), and they’ll feel less guilty about eating these.

Detox Gift Set: All moms need some time for themselves, usually we are too busy taking care of everyone else, this set lets mom treat herself while taking care of her body.

shopOrganic Gift Cards: Honestly, this is the gift I’d want because then I can choose whatever organic gift I want to buy!

Eco-Friendly Activities for Mother’s Day:

Mother’s Day Performance

If you have elementary aged children at home who love to be the center of attention this is a good one.  Encourage your kids to put together any type of performance, sing a song, write a poem, make up a dance or even put on a silly fashion show.

organic gift for mother's day

Throw an Organic Tea Party

This one is a favorite in my family.  Have a tea party for mom.  If you have any dusty tea sets, wash them off and put them to good use.  Decorate the table pretty or if it’s nice outside you can have an outdoor tea party too.

Make little sandwiches and treats with her favorite organic teas. And make it an event (we like to dress up for our tea parties)!

Get Outside!

Get active mommas! Head outdoors, take a hike, or ride your bikes. Whatever mom’s favorite activity is, do it together as a family, whether it’s going to hit some balls at a batting cage, kicking around a soccer ball at the park or gardening.

Homemade Love

Moms love all things homemade.  I know I just adore it when the kids come home from school with something special they made just for us.  You know what, it might not be too pretty, it might fall apart or break, or the pieces of paper might fall off from not using enough glue, but they made that special just with mom in mind, and that is what makes these gifts so treasured.

Collecting Memories

Decorate a container (and old coffee can would work) or use a large mason jar and have all your siblings write their favorite memories of mom on a strip of paper and stick it in the jar.  It could also be loving or encouraging words, a favorite scripture or even an inspirational quote or saying.  This is perfect for moms and grandmas that live far away. Send this to her and tell her to read just one a day until she gets through them all!

I hope that these ideas will help make your next Mother’s Day one to remember and remember, when all else fails, tell your mom you love her.

Have you ever received an organic gift for Mother’s Day?  What was your favorite Mother’s Day gift (to give and/or receive)?

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