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Organic Coconut Oil: 90 Amazing Uses You Never Knew About

The one product that I cannot live without would definitely be organic coconut oil.  This is a staple in my house; I have it in every room and use it for everything.  It really is a one stop shopping item, because you can do multiple organic-coconut-oilthings with it. Do you remember the Father from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”? In the beginning Toula describes her father as, “My dad believes in two things: That Greeks should educate non Greeks about being Greek and every ailment from psoriasis to poison ivy can be cured with Windex.”   Now just cross out that “Windex” and insert organic coconut oil and this is a statement I can get behind!  In this blog post I’ll share 90 different and amazing uses for organic coconut oil:

Organic Coconut Oil in the Kitchen

1. Great for baking, use it to substitute butter in your recipes

2. Has a high smoke point, great for cooking, sautéing and stir fry’s, very tasty on roasted vegetables.

3. Use in place of butter on your toast, biscuits or muffins, oatmeal, quinoa etc.

4. Great addition to smoothies

Organic Coconut Oil for Personal Hygiene

5. Replace your other moisturizers with coconut oil. I keep a little jar of organic coconut oil in my bathroom.  After washing your face apply a small amount to face and neck.

6. Use as an all over body lotion

7. Helps prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

8. Daily use will help prevent age spots, or if you already have them it will help them to fade.

9. Eye make-up remover.

10. Use as an eye cream, apply under the eyes to reduce puffiness, bags, and wrinkles. Use on the lids in the evening.

11. Lubricant – it is an all natural, perfectly safe personal lubricant (not compatible with latex).

12. Shaving – it will help to use before and after. Use before to help prep and soften skin, when you use it after it helps moisturize and sooth.

13. As a natural deodorant but more effective in combination with arrowroot powder and baking soda.

14. Toothpaste, I mix a few tablespoon of organic coconut oil with baking soda and a few drops of peppermint extract and a little powdered stevia  and put in a baby jar.

15. Best massage oil you can use.

16. For nursing mommas this is great for nipple cream. In between feedings rub a little on especially if you have cracked or sore nipples.

17. Skin problems- itchy dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, athletes foot.

18.   Swimmers Ear – mix garlic oil and organic coconut oil and put a few drops in affected ear for about 10 minutes. Do this 2-3 times a day and it usually works within one or two days.

19. Body scrub – mix organic coconut oil and sugar together and rub all over! Rinse off and your skin will be super soft! You can add in essential oils if you would like a pretty a certain scent.

20. As a naturally SPF 4 for sunscreen.

21. Use topically to aid in  yeast infections.

22. To get rid of cradle cap on baby – just massage in to head, leave on for a few minutes and gently rinse with a warm wash cloth or run a soft baby comb gently through affected area and it should come right off.

23. Diaper “cream” this is all I used on my baby. Great for poor baby bum rashes. Also, safe to use with cloth diapers.

24. Directly on the perineum to help heal after birth.

25. Little dab on the lips for a natural chap stick.

26. Deep conditioner, take a tablespoon rub into to hair and scalp, put a shower cap on and leave in for 20 minutes or longer, you can even leave in overnight.

27. To treat lice. Lice hate coconut. If my daughter comes home with lice. I lather up the coconut oil on her hair and leave in for 2 hours or overnight then I use a lice comb to go through her hair.

28. Can help reduce appearance of varicose veins.

29. Whip Shea butter with coconut oil to get a nice body butter cream.

30. If your child gets gum stuck in their hair. Rub organic coconut oil in and around the gum and leave in for 10-15 minutes, then use your fingers to pull it right out… or a comb.

31. Can help resolve acne when used regularly.

32. Healing – when applied on scrapes and cuts, coconut oil forms a thin, chemical layer which protects the wound from outside dust, bacteria and virus. Organic coconut oil speeds up the healing process of bruises by repairing damaged tissues. Plus, it smells so much better than anything from the drug store.

33. Put on split ends to de-frizz hair.

34. To help soothe the itch of chicken pox or poison ivy.

35. Natural baby lotion.

Organic Coconut Oil Health and Wellness Benefits

36. Lower stress level. Run some into your temple in a circular motion. The scent is extremely soothing and helps relieve stress.

37. Oil Pulling, I just started applying this to my daily dental routine and I am loving it.

38.  Digestive health- organic coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties that help control, parasites, and fungi that cause indigestion and other digestion related problems such like irritable bowel syndrome. The fat in coconut oil also helps the absorption of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, making it for awesome all around health!!

39. Helps increase breast milk and nutrients in breastfeeding moms (3 table spoons).

40. Stimulates/boosts your metabolism.

41. Aids in thyroid function

42. Increases energy, especially if you take with a tablespoon of chia seeds, don’t take close to bedtime or you might have trouble falling asleep 😉

43.  Rub coconut oil on the inside of your nose to help alleviate allergy symptoms.

44. Help improve good cholesterol levels.

45. Speed weight loss when taken on a daily basis.

46. Helps increase absorption in calcium and magnesium.

47. Some evidence shows that taken daily can help with anxiety and depression.

48. Can be used on mom’s nipple and baby’s mouth to help treat thrush.

49. Control cravings for weight loss.

Topical Uses For Health Issues that Organic Coconut Oil is known for relieving, aiding or even curing

50. Cellulite

51. Herpes (both external and internal use)

52. Genital Warts (daily application)

53. Nose bleeds- Coat your finger with coconut oil and then lie down and coat your finger inside your nose. Doing this will strengthen and protect the capillaries.

54. Canker sores

55. Relieve pain and itching if applied to external hemorrhoids.

56. Cold sores

57. Back pain, sprains and sore muscles.

Internal Uses For Health Issues that Organic Coconut oil is known for aiding, relieving or curing

58. Mental alertness

59. Digestive health-A tablespoon taken before each meal can help improve digestion.

60. Dental health

61. Candida

62. Can be taken in warm ginger tea to sooth heartburn or nausea.

63. Asthma, even in children.

64. Migraines

65. Boosts immune system.

66. Circulation, if you are feeling cold all the time.

67.  Adrenal Fatigue

68. Improvements in menstruation regarding pain/cramps and heavy blood flow.

69. Alzheimer’s

70. Helps with inflammation in Crohn’s Disease.

71. Hot flashes

72. Mononucleosis

73. Thrush

74. Parasites

75. MRSA (mix with Oil of Oregano).

76. Alleviate gallbladder pain.

77. Arthritis

78.  Can be used to speed healing of fungal infections when taken internally and used externally.

79. Sooth sore throats when taken in a cup of tea.

80. Naturally boost hormone production.

81. As a daily supplement for overall health.

Other uses for Organic Coconut Oil

82. Mix with a few drops of tea tree oil and neem oil for a natural bug repellant.

83. Season cast iron pans.

84. Natural Goo Gone – just mix equal parts organic coconut oil and baking soda into a paste. Apply to the “sticky” area and let it set for a minute. Then scrub off with an old rag or sponge.

85. To condition leather or soften, when rubbed in. (always test a small area first).

86. Furniture or wood polish (again test an area first).

87. Improve your dog’s general skin and coat condition, making it healthier.

88. Rub into hinges of squeaky doors.

89. Mix into your pets’ food for overall health.

90. Have any bronze? Bronze medal perhaps, polish it up with organic coconut oil. A little dab on a cotton cloth will clean and shine it up in no time.

Can you believe one product can do all that?!  Just amazing the many uses of organic coconut oil… and I know I didn’t even list them all!!  I hope you become a organic coconut oil believer and user now! For those of you who are already aware of the many benefits of using organic coconut oil, did we leave any off the list?

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