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Organic Beverages: 2 Recipes For Electrolyte Replacement

When you think of electrolyte replacement drinks, those brightly colored sugary drinks quickly come to mind.  What many people don’t realize is that electrolyte replacement is very simple and you can make your own organic beverages for electrolyte replacement right at home.  No need for artificial flavors, artificial colors or excessively sweetened beverages – all you need is water, salt, and citrus.  Making your own electrolyte replacement drink at home saves money and ensures you’re getting the most beverages

Let’s look at the ingredients in these simple organic beverages.  First we have water. Make sure you’re using pure water – distilled, filtered, or simply boiled.  Next up is the salt.  Electrolytes are salts that keep our body, muscles, and nerves functioning properly.   While technically any salt will do, I’d recommend using a high quality sea salt like himalayan pink salt or a celtic sea salt.  If the salt grains are large, grind them in a mortar and pestle before adding them to the water.  The last ingredient in this organic beverage is citrus.  Oranges are especially good (so that was why we always had orange slices at our childhood soccer games!) but you can also use grapefruit, lemon, lime or any other citrus that you like.

2 Organic Beverages Recipes for Electrolyte Replacement

SweetTart Electrolyte Booster

1/8 cup lemon juice

1/8 cup lime juice

1/2 tsp salt

1 squeezed orange

2 cups water

Mix and enjoy!

Quick and Easy Electrolyte Replacement

1 lemon, halved and squeezed into a glass

1 orange, halved and squeezed into a glass

1 spoonful of honey, stirred in

a few shakes of salt

Fill the rest of the glass with water, stir to combine the honey, and drink.

If you want to keep some organic beverages on hand to do the trick instead of making your own, try organic coconut water (or coconut water powder).


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