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How to Make Organic Baby Wipes

Organic baby care wipes are my absolute favorite natural baby care product. Making organic baby wipes yourself is quick, easy, and is a great way to save money for things that are more exciting to buy. Like dark chocolate! 😉 And they are all natural and organic! You just need a few ingredients and supplies and you probably already have them around the house.


D.I.Y. Organic Baby Wipes Recipe:

-1 package of bounty select a size or viva (must be one of these thicker brands)

– A bpa free container with tight fitting lid

-2 T Dr. Bronner’s

-1 T Coconut oil

-Essential oils (Optional-I use 6-8 drops of lavender and orange, I also like to put a few drops of tea tree oil for an extra boost, and it also helps keep mildew and mold away, the coconut oil also helps too)

2 cups water boiled then slightly cooled (or you can use distilled water warmed up in microwave or on the stove)

First cut your paper towel roll in half. Don’t use a serrated knife as you will have a bunch of little fuzzies in your wipes. Put one half in your container and save the other for later. It’s ok if it sticks up over the edge. It will just squish down nicely when you are done.


Second mix all the other ingredients and then pour  the mixture over the towels. Don’t worry about that cardboard roll as soon as it sits for a while it will come right out. Let sit for a while( at least 10 minutes)  until all the liquid has been absorbed.


Remove cardboard center and you are ready to go. Pull wipes from the middle!


There you have it some fool proof, quick, easy, money saving, natural and organic changes you can make to your baby’s everyday care. For me, making my own organic baby wipes is one less thing to worry about!  Don’t forget what goes ON your baby’s skin, goes IN your baby’s skin!

Tips: if you don’t have a container that fits you can also us an old baby wipes container. Just fold the paper towels and lay flat, and then pour the mixture over the paper towels!

*If you are not interested in making your own organic baby wipes check out these trusted organic baby wipes instead!

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