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13 Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds & 6 Ways to Include Them In Your Diet

I was introduced to hemp some years ago while visiting a grade school friend.  She offered me a glass of chocolate hemp milk and I fell in love. Sadly I didn’t continue my quest of the benefits of hemp-seedshemp until recently.  Sure I’ve had many yummy products which contained either hemp seeds or hemp oil, but never before had I bought them for my own use. When I bought my first bag of hemp seeds, I admit I didn’t even wait to get to my car before I ripped into the bag to grab a handful to shove in my mouth!  After having two more big handfuls I looked at the nutritional facts on the back and noticed… holy cow, I just ate 14 grams of fat in less than 1 minute!  Don’t fret! It’s GOOD fat and along with that 14 grams of fat came 10 grams of protein in just 3 tablespoons of hemp seeds!  Pretty awesome right?!  I was so excited  about the nutrient profile of this superfood that I couldn’t wait to research all the health benefits of these yummy, little, seeds!  After I started researching I realized that If I were to blog about all the wonderful benefits of this little superfood, you would be reading for quite some time, so for your benefit I touched on my favorites and instead will leave you links at the bottom for further reading if you wish!

13 Health Benefits of Hemp Seeds and Hemp Seed Oil

  1. Hemp seeds have an advantage over other seeds purely because of its oil.  The natural oil in hemp seeds contains a very high quality of protein which and has 10 essential amino acids making it a complete protein. This protein has a very similar structure to proteins in our blood making it easy to digest even more so than proteins found in meats, cheeses and whole eggs.
  2. They’re an excellent source of essential fatty acids (EFA’s) which include Omega 3 and 6 (I could write a whole blog about the benefits of EFA’s alone!).
  3. Hemp seeds are comprised of 27% carbohydrates, almost all are in the form of soluble and insoluble fiber, which is good for slowing glucose absorption.  Insoluble fiber’s job is moving matter through your digestive system  and keeping your bowel movements regular.
  4. Hemp helps to reduce inflammation and improves circulation, also helps people who have heart disease, arthritis, and even psoriasis.
  5.  Helps improve organ function and boosts immunity levels.
  6. There are NO known allergies to hemp foods. They can be eaten by those who are unable to tolerate dairy, nuts or gluten.
  7. Aids in weight loss, naturally. You can reduce cravings and boost your metabolic rate while getting a good dose of essential fats, proteins and most vitamins among other nutrients necessary for promoting good health.
  8. Aids in lowering your bad cholesterol (LDL) and blood pressure.
  9.  Hemp oil contains plant sterols which may reduce the risk of colon and prostate cancer.
  10. Hemp seeds and hemp oil are great in promoting cellular health.
  11.  At a cellular level, they lubricate membranes and eliminate wastes such as lactic acid in post-exercise muscles.  What does that mean to you?  No or less soreness after exercise.
  12. Over time eating hemp seeds heals and moisturizes skin, and reduces inflammation.
  13. One of my favorite benefits is that the EFA’s in hemp seeds have anti-cancer properties that inhibit tumor growth.

Delicious Hemp Seeds – How do you eat these things?

Hemp seeds have a nutty flavor and can be added to most anything!

  • Eat them raw
  • Throw a few tablespoons of seeds into your smoothie
  • Sprinkle on top of salads  or yogurt
  • If you have a Vita-Mix or Blentec you can make your own delicious hemp butter.  Just throw in a couple cups of seed and let it go until you reach the consistency you like.
  • When I make pancakes for the kids I like to mix in a tablespoon or two into the batter
  • Sprinkle on top of your favorite cold or hot breakfast cereal.

Where do you buy hemp seeds?  Try your local health food stores or click here to buy easily online! How do you eat your hemp seeds? Share your ideas or recipes in comments below!

WAIT!  Remember I said I’d leave you links to more reading?  Here you go! Enjoy!
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