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Healthy Tips for Joint Care

I was reading an article this morning in the NY Times online on how to care for your joints in hopes of avoiding joint replacement later in life.  (See NY Time Join Care article). It’s a decent article with common sense reminders – maintain a healthy weight, be kind to your joints, etc. Nothing new, certainly nothing we didn’t already know. What disappointed me was that there was no mention of good nutrition anywhere in the article.

Good overall nutrition is important for good overall health. Makes sense but rarely is maintaining a healthy diet “prescribed” as part of a preventive program such as that for avoiding hip or knee replacement. Certainly the mechanics of the body are vitally important and are often what determine whether one’s joints wear out through daily living – I’m guessing heredity may also play a role.

Still, something as simple as healthy food can make a significant difference on all the body’s finely tuned systems. Eat healthy, be well.

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