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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for The Dad Switching to a Healthier Lifestyle

Is there a father in your life (maybe your own, maybe a friend’s) who is living a healthy lifestyle, or is considering (maybe even just curious about) switching to a healthier one?  If so, I have so many good Father’s Day gift ideas to share with you!father's day gift ideas

Since my own father passed away last year, this will be my 2nd Father’s Day without him, the first one was brutal, and though I miss him every day, this holiday can be especially painful. My dad didn’t live the healthiest lifestyle, and because of that, he left us far too early. So even if the fathers in your life aren’t currently interested in switching to a healthier lifestyle, I highly encourage you to keep encouraging them to make the switch.  My husband is the perfect example of a dad who wasn’t too keen on making this switch in the beginning, but after he saw my health and that of our children’s improving, he started taking baby steps towards a healthier lifestyle for himself as well.  It’s been a slow process, but it’s an extremely rewarding one to be a part of, and I love seeing him, and encouraging him on his journey.

If the father in your life (whether it be your dad or your husband, or just a friend) wants to switch to a healthier lifestyle here are a couple of tips for the support systems (you) out there:

  1.  Take it slowly. It might overwhelm him a bit if you take away all his “comfort” foods away, all at once. For my husband the first baby step had to do with the enormous amounts of sugar he put in his coffee. I introduced him to Stevia and after 3 days he was used to it and now it’s all he uses. A nice added benefit is that he lost weight with just that switch alone!
  2. Find ways to create healthier options for their favorite comfort foods. Whether you’re doing the cooking or they are, they’ll need some help coming up with healthy alternatives to their favorite meals.  Examples: tell them to switch conventional beef with Grass-fed beef (the taste is unbelievably delicious), or tell them to switch pastas with vegetables like spaghetti squash, using almond flour for salmon cakes instead of processed breadcrumbs.

Now what about actual Father’s Day gifts that you can give to the fathers switching to a healthier lifestyle? (Remember I’m just here to help get your mind thinking, all the men and father’s in our lives have different interests and hobbies so I will try to lists things that are good for all!)

5 Ideas for Father’s Day Gifts

Men’s Body Gift sets: Switching to a healthier lifestyle isn’t just about the food we eat, it’s also about what we put on our bodies. Here are some great skin care products you can introduce to that father in your life that won’t be so chemically hazardous to his skin and body.

Single Nest Hammock: These are so neat! Perfect for the father that likes to hike in your life.

Leatherman Tools: I’m actually thinking about my daddy right now. My dad always had one of these.  I can’t remember a time when he didn’t have one or the other in his back pocket… I know a ton of dads who love these tools and always have one with them!

Protein Powder: I know many men who are on the protein powder kick. Click the link to make sure they are getting a quality protein without all the added fillers, chemicals and additives

Gift card: If you don’t know what he likes a gift card is the perfect solution. Now he has the freedom and fun to pick out his own healthy choices!

Do you have a father in your life who is switching to a healthy lifestyle?  What are your ideas? The more ideas the better! And remember to give your father an extra big hug this Father’s Day!

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