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Wizard of Oz? Dr. Oz and GMOs

Dr. Mehmet OzDr. Oz and GMOs….what a complicated little plot that seems to be playing out these days in the media. I’m still not sure why Dr. Oz, formerly an outstanding proponent of organic and non-GMO foods, recently reversed his position. Dr. Oz’s wife is the narrator in the documentary “Genetic Roulette” and it seemed, for a while at least, as though the couple were in agreement on this topic.

Dr. Oz And GMOs…Before

According to an article published by the Cornucopia Institute, Dr. Oz once told millions of viewers, “I want you to eat organic foods” and “your kids deserve better than to be part of a national chemistry experiment.” Oz is also quoted as having previously said “Our children should not serve as the human equivalents of lab rats.”

Dr. Oz And GMOs…After

In a recent Time Magazine article, Dr. Oz has changed his tune. Oz now claims that conventional (non-organic, potentially GMO) foods are “nutritionally equal” to organic foods (scientifically, organic foods have been proven to be more nutritious and Oz never mentions pesticide contamination). Oz now calls organic foods “elitist.” According to Cornucopia, “Suddenly, a middle-class mother who decides to pay extra for a safe haven from pesticide contamination is called “snooty” and a “food snob” by the very same celebrity physician who once urged her to protect her children from agricultural chemicals by choosing organic.” Studies have shown a direct relationship between ADHD and pesticides. Organic foods are pesticide free, so where is Oz coming from now? The data have not changed.

Theories Unfolding About Dr. Oz and GMOs

Why the reversal on the topic of Dr. Oz and GMOs? What could cause a medical celebrity with that kind of public influence to turn back on earlier public statements?

I don’t know the answers but I do have some theories. If anyone has any additional thoughts or theories, please comment here.

From my perspective, Dr. Oz has a career that is supported and/or influenced by a number of large players, but most notably, the media and its corporate sponsors.

Dr. Oz has a popular television show. The network on which the show airs certainly has to have come under strong pressure from corporations against GMO labeling and in support of GMO foods. The advertisers and sponsors of that show may also have put pressure on Dr. Oz and the network to reverse course. Unless facts surface or Oz speaks up, we may never know – but something caused Oz to suddenly and completely backtrack from his former stance.

The Facts About non-GMO Are The Facts

All of this is speculation. What is fact is that there is a growing body of scientific evidence tying illness in animals and humans and the consumption of GMO foods and foods containing pesticide residues. What is fact is that Dr. Oz is a well-educated, medically trained and thoughtful wellness expert who used to fully support the scientific evidence pointing to organic and non-GMO as a much healthier alternative. I doubt he rushed into judgment when supporting organic and non-GMO foods. So, I have to wonder what changed his mind so quickly and decisively.

I have tremendous respect for Dr. Oz and the awareness he’s brought to health and wellness. I am puzzled by his change of stance on organic and non-GMOs. Unfortunately, it makes me a bit wary of other opinions he may now (or in the future) promote.

shopOrganic & shopGMOFree Remain True to Our non-GMO Vision

However, regardless of what Dr. Oz may or may not publicly espouse, we here at shopOrganic & shopGMOFree are 100% clear on our mission. We want food that is safe and sustainable for everyone. It’s pretty simple at its core and pretty complex in reality. But, that’s our mission and we’re sticking to it.



Genetic Roulette, The Movie

Cornucopia Institute

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