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shopOrganic launched in 2008. We’re located in Tucson, Arizona and have a cozy 4,000 square foot facility here, nestled between a solar power firm and a global warming research company. We carry over 3,800 certified organic, fnon-GMO fair trade and eco-friendly products and we’re expanding our product offerings weekly.

We relaunched our site in late 2012 as & to underscore our commitment not only to organic food production (which by definition is non-GMO) but to supporting non-GMO producers to limit (and ultimately halt) the use of GMO foods.

We believe strongly that organic farming is the only truly sustainable model and that we can feed the world without the use of chemicals and genetically modified anythings. We’re committed to a verdant future – and we hope you’ll join us in this adventure. Shop online with us at, feel good about the products you’re buying knowing we’ve done our homework, vetted the brands, the products, the ingredients and are your trusted source for organic and non-GMO products. You can also join in the fun and leave comments here. We want to hear from you – give us a shout.

If you’re ready to start shopping, click here ….otherwise, to head back to the blog, click here.

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